Foundings of the company

In the early 1980s, there was a regional manager of a large supermarket chain who sensed an increasing demand for Turkish and Surinamese products. He realized that, ‘Foreign customers naturally eat very different products than what we sell here’. Chanced upon this opportunity, he began importing these products and started selling them to retailers. The demand for foreign foods is constantly changing. The cultural mix is becoming more colorful, while Dutch people are also starting to eat more “international food”. Engel Foreign Food is now the largest importer and supplier of international food products and we are:


  • Market leader of Instant Noodles in the Netherlands
  • Exclusive EU/UK importer of Chupa Chups drinks and Mentos drinks
  • Largest European producer of Aloë Vera drinks
  • Private label supplier for all our national and international customers


The Engel Foreign Food Group consists of


Products from all over the world come together with us

Mission: (the permanent mission)

  • Engel Foreign Food imports and exports products from and around the world.
  • We walk around the world every day in search of the latest trends.
  • In addition, we offer total retail shelf solutions for the international categories and, we are the market leader in instant noodles.
  • Our goal is to satisfy our customers, together we want to develop, produce and deliver according to their needs.

Vision: (what do we want to achieve)

  • Engel Foreign Food together with his employees and relations goal is to let everyone enjoy, all the special food products that the world has to offer.

Dr. Davis of Crossroads Pharmacy is engaged in preventing childhood lead exposure

Engel Foundation

Our mission is to help poor children in need, especially in Bangladesh

We like to invest in the future of children who would otherwise have no opportunities.

Each year, the Engel Foreign Food Group donates a portion of its profits to the Engel Foundation. This is our main source of income from which we can sponsor various projects for the children in need. 

Engel Foreign Food is the largest Supplier of International Food in the Netherlands and has several companies under its wings, all of which contribute to the children in Bangladesh.

You can join and donate to our Engel Foundation today!
Donate on: NL54ABNA0840258305


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