Smuckers has delicious syrups in its assortment. For example, the for hit caramel syrup, which you can add on lots of desserts!


Lobo has two delicious products in its range. A tasty marinade mix for pork, and a tasty sauce mix for red chicken!

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker stocks delicious products to make your cakes or cupcakes even more delicious!


A delicious baking soda, from Kenton. This product is often used in batter or dough for delicious cakes or biscuits!

But what you can also use it for is a substitute for cleaning vinegar! Baking soda is a good, natural and environmentally conscious substitute!


Do you love baking? Then Crisco shortening is an essential part of your kitchen cupboard. You can use this vegetable fat for various things related to baking. Use it to grease your cutters or as a substitute for butter when baking cakes and tarts. You can also use Crisco when rolling out fondant or marzipan, to prevent the product from sticking to the worktop. Crisco is a vegetable fat (shortening).