KA Fruit

Delicious carbonated soft drinks, with refreshing flavors of pineapple & fruit punch!


Oasis has delicious tropical drinks in its range, with two delicious flavors. The drinks are packaged in a can, so they are also ideal for taking with you.

Mr. Cool

Mr. Cool has delicious tropical soft drinks in its range. The drinks are of high quality, and are available in as many as three flavours, namely: pineapple, grape and cola with mushroom!

O.D. Gourmet

O.D. Gourmet has delicious iced coffees in its range. The iced coffees come in tins, making them easy to take on the go!

The iced coffees are available in four delicious flavours, namely: Original, Cappuccino, Mocha & the creamy Vanilla.

I Am Superjuice

The I Am Superjuice drinks are available in a variety of flavors. The I Am Superjuice drinks are without added sugars, preservatives and artificial colors!

Mentos drinks

Be surprised by the sparkling sensation that tantalises your taste buds and gets your senses buzzing.

Enjoy the taste of your favourite Mentos in a tasty drink, and be extra surprised, by the delicious jelly bites!

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Drinks: Bursting with Flavor!

Get ready to indulge your taste buds in a sensational symphony of flavors with Jelly Belly Drinks! We’re excited to present a delightful and refreshing line of beverages that capture the essence of Jelly Belly’s famous jelly beans.

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors and mouthwatering tastes as you sip on innovative creations. Each bottle is crafted with the utmost care, ensuring that every drop is filled with the same captivating flavors that have made Jelly Belly a household name.

Hard Rock Cocktails

Hard Rock is now available. Are you ready for the world’s best ready-to-drink cocktails. The Hard Rock Mojito, Passion Fruit Martini and Piña Colada are real cocktails in a can. With a 5% alcohol content, you can enjoy bartender-like quality no matter the location, from backyard BBQs to poolside.


Uludag Gazoz is a Turkish manufacturer selling carbonated lemonade all over the world. The name Uludag comes form the mountain ‘Uludag’ in Western Turkey. The water in this carbonated lemonade is exclusively sourced from this mountain, which is what makes this brand so special.

Canada Dry

For more than 100 years, Canada Dry has been best known for its ginger ale, but Canada Dry also has other soft drinks and mixes. Canada Dry has its origins in Canada.

The “Dry” in the brand’s name refers to the drink not being sweet, as in a dry wine. When John J. McLaughlin, who first formulated “Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale”, originally created his new soft drink, it was far less sweet than other ginger ales available at the time; as such, he called it “dry”.