Vifon is Poland’s absolute market leader in noodles. Its Vietnamese noodles are a household name in Poland. There, people say ‘we are going to have Vifon’ instead of ‘we are going to have noodles’. The golden chicken and curry chicken flavours are the number one and two most popular flavours in Poland.

The Noodle Poodle

Who said a speedy snack couldn’t be healthy? Lifting the noodles concept to the next level, we combine fresh pre-cooked noodles with delicious plant-based sauces and vegetables for the ultimate innovative, delicious, vegan warm snack experience in high-impact packaging. Available in Indian Korma, Thai Green Curry and Japanese Teriyaki, with more new flavours currently under development!

Yum Yum

YumYum instant noodles: one of the cornerstones of Engel Foreign Food’s success which can be found in the cupboards of nearly every home in Europe. Famous in more than 40 countries for being the perfect snack at the office, at home or on the go, and an absolute student staple. Available in every conceivable flavour, in packs or cups and even in multipacks, these noodles are delicious and ready in 3 minutes – just add hot water.