Slush Puppie

Slush Puppie has delicious candy in its assortment, really worth trying! From delicious candy bon bons to a delicious super spray.

Magic Time

Magic Time has delicious popcorns in its assortment. For example, a delicious creamy popcorn or just a popcorn with a spicy aftertaste!


Haribo now also has delicious halal sweets in its range!

The sweets have two delicious flavours, Peach & Watermelon.

The sweets are full of flavour, which you can really taste with every bite!


ETI has many surprising products in its range. From delicious crispy biscuits to delectable chocolates!

For example, ETI also has the ETI Wanted Caramel in its range, a delicious Turkish chocolate with a filling. You can compare this to a peanut butter bar, but even more delicious!

Will you try them all?

Mello Pie

Mello Pie has delicious crispy biscuits in its range!

Mello Pie has 3 delicious biscuits, with Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla fillings.

Definitely worth a try!


Zainab Foods has been a household name in the food industry for over 35 years. An innovative company that still greatly cares about craft and authenticity. Our team specialises in the production of Surinamese, Indian, South American and Oriental snacks and meal components. Engel Foreign Food is its exclusive distributor.

Olza Prince Polo

Prince Polo are great chocolate wafers. These wafers are sold throughout Europe. Engel Foreign Food is the distributor of the product in the Netherlands.

E. Wedel

E. Wedel is a Polish confectionery company, which has been producing a variety of chocolates, biscuits and snacks since 1851. E. Wedel is the leading chocolate brand in Poland. Try their products now.


Authentic American crisps. Herr’s has a great range of various types of American crisps. Such as cheese pops, flat chips, kettle chips and corn based chips. Herr’s crisps keeps innovating, so regularly check to see if there are any new flavours.