Chtoura has a delicious falafel mix in its range. Perfect for making delicious falafel yourself!


Jeesy’s fried delicious prawn paste and a delicious Tamarind puree.


The tastiest Surinamese-Javanese spice mix is from the Maussi brand.

Maussi has three different types of spices in its range at Engel Foreign Food. Namely, these are the spice mix for Nasi, Noodles and soup!

Ideal and easy to use, and you taste the difference immediately!


Alvita invites you to feel Morocco and taste its culinary essence. Alvita offers you a wide range of products that allow you can to easily and quickly prepare dishes with hundreds of years of tradition. A fundamental part of Moroccan cuisine is spices: pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper and ginger. You can taste all of this in Alvita’s products.