Profi Paszpet has delicious pastries and pates in its range, with surprisingly delicious flavors!

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough has many different and mostly surprising products in its range. From delicious cereal to tasty bites!


An American delicacy that is gaining in popularity. Fluff is a marshmallow paste, super American. A tasty, light and airy sweet paste.

A Fluffernutter is easy to make. Spread one slice of bread with Fluff and one with peanut butter. Fold it up and you have a real American Fluffernutter…….yum!!!
You can also use Fluff to your desserts, shakes, cakes and biscuits into something truly special.


Jif Peanutbutter is the number one peanut butter in America. In addition to the well-known creamy and crunchy flavours, Jif also has other amazing flavours such as creamy Honey and creamy Omega 3. Besides the jars, Jif also comes in squeeze tubes and portion packs.