Offering total solutions for the international category

Engel Foreign Food works closely with their customers to make custom-made shelf plans.
We help our customers on different levels; from advice to offering total package solutions.
We have five modules; American, Turkish/Moroccan, Polish, Surinamese/Antillean and International drinks.
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International drinks

Beverages from all over the world are increasingly in demand.
EFF has developed a module where the best drinks from each profit series come together in a concept. These modules can be deployed nationally. The International drinks module includes the following products/segments;
– Aloe vera drinks
– American sodas
– Caribbean sodas
– Turkish sodas
– Coconut drinks


In recent years, many labor migrants have come to the Netherlands from Poland.
Engel Foreign Food responds to the demand from the Polish community with a Polish module.
The Polish module includes the following products/segments;
– Vegetables
– Pickles
– Chocolate
– Soft drinks
– Beer


The Surinamese/Antillean module is one of EFF’s building blocks. For the past 30 years, EFF has supplid Surinamese/Antillean modules to the Dutch retail chains.
This module contains the best-known brands among the target group and is most effective in the biggest cities. The Surinamese/Antillean module includes the following products/segments;
– Surinam sauces
– Legumes
– Roti & bara mixes
– Caribbean liqueur
– Beer


The Turkish/Moroccan module is one of EFF’s cornerstones. For 30 years EFF has supplid a total solution of Turkish/Moroccan products.
This module contains the most famous Turkish/Moroccan brands, is most effective in the biggest cities and includes the following products/segments:
– Olives
– Legumes
– Cookies
– Grilled vegetables
– Couscous


This category is growing each year.
Due to movies and series American products are more visible for customers.
This creates demand for American products.
Our American modules contain the following products/segments;
– Candy
– Potato chips
– Cake mix
– Peanut butter
– Sauces