ABC has delicious noodles, and a delicious sweet soy sauce in its range!

Both items are full of flavour, and is truly enjoyable!

Pulmuone Air Dried Noodles

Pulmuone noodles are a popular choice among lovers of Asian dishes. These noodles can be used in soups, stir-fries or as a side dish. These noodles are air-dried and not deep-fried. This makes Pulmuone noodles a lot healthier.

Known for their flavour and texture, they are easy to prepare. We have three flavours in our range: Kimchi, Mild & Spicy!

Asia’s Best

Our brand for the Asian segment. Asia’s best noodles, coconut milk and Asian sauces that are full of flavours! Asia’s best offers many options, to a tasty lunch of noodles, or a delicious addition to certain dishes, with the delicious sauces!