O.D. Gourmet

O.D. Gourmet has delicious iced coffees in its range. The iced coffees come in tins, making them easy to take on the go!

The iced coffees are available in four delicious flavours, namely: Original, Cappuccino, Mocha & the creamy Vanilla.

The Noodle Poodle

Who said a snack couldn’t be quick, tasty and responsible? Meet The Noodle Poodle, vegan noodles for any time of the day. A delicious hot snack with steamed noodles and a rich, authentic, vegan sauce packed with flavor in an innovative noodle box.
Available in the following flavors: Indian Korma, Thai Green Curry and Japanese Teriyaki.


YumYum instant noodles: one of the cornerstones of Engel Foreign Food’s success which can be found in the cupboards of nearly every home in Europe. Famous in more than 40 countries for being the perfect snack at the office, at home or on the go, and an absolute student staple. Available in every conceivable flavour, in packs or cups and even in multipacks, these noodles are delicious and ready in 3 minutes – just add hot water.


Indomie is the market leader in Indonesian foodstuff. These quintessential Indonesian noodles are part of every noodle section in the supermarket. Besides the packets and multipacks, Indomie also has great paper cups. The best-known flavours are chicken, shrimp and mie goreng, but the range has several other options as well.