Zywiec is a Polish beer brand with bottom fermentation. The beer contains an alcohol percentage of 5.6%. Brewed in beautiful Poland since 1856!


Zubr is a Polish beer brand with bottom fermentation. With an alcohol percentage of no less than 6%. The taste is perfect because of the ingredients water, barley malt, sugar, and hops. Drinking cold is a must!


Warka is THE Polish bottom-fermented beer brand with an alcohol percentage of 5.7%. The beer is brewed in ‘Browar Warka’ in the city of Warka.


Juicy! Apples and cherries combined with crystal clear water result in a unique and refreshing taste. Once you try it, you won’t want to stop!


An energy drink suitable for adults. It Contains a high dose of caffeine for the best focus!


Rolnik has three very dynamic production facilities in Poland, one in Hungary and an office in Latvia. All our preparations go through multiple and strict quality control. This is how the best food products come out, such as salads, broth, lemon juice, vegetable sauce, et cetera.

Olza Prince Polo

Crispy biscuit filled with cocoa cream (49%) covered with chocolate (30%). There is nothing better than this delicious snack.


Kubus is a Polish brand of fruit and vegetable juice. Kubus delivers juices that resemble a smoothie-like juice by adding pulp and pulp. A great success in Poland.

E. Wedel

E. Wedel is a Polish confectionery company, which has been a variety of chocolates, cakes, and snacks since 1851. E. Wedel is also a well-recognized brand of candy in Poland, it is considered a “Polish national chocolate brand”.