Profi Paszpet has delicious pastries and pates in its range, with surprisingly delicious flavors!


Winiary carries delicious Polish products. From a tasty mayonnaise to a delicious spaghetti bolognese!


Grzeski has delicious chocolate bars in its range. The bars are nice and crunchy and each one has its own delectable flavour!


Zywiec is a Polish bottom-fermented beer brand. The beer contains an alcohol content of 5.6%. Brewed in southern Poland since 1856.


Zubr is a Polish bottom-fermented beer brand. The beer has been brewed in the Dojlidy Brewery in Białystok since 1768. It has an alcohol content of no less than 6%. The ingredients water, barley gold, sugar and hops give it a perfect flavour. It is recommended to drink it in a chilled state!


Warka is a traditional lager from Poland. This brand has existed since 1478. Warka beers are brewed following low fermentation, which ensures a full flavour.


Tymbark is Poland’s market leader for fruit and nectar drinks. Tymbark’s products contain no artificial aromas or colourings. The juices are produced from ripe fruits. This ensures the unique and full flavour.


Tiger Energy is the innovative energy drink brand from Poland. Besides the original, they also have a great range of exciting flavours, such as Bubble Gum, Cactus and Pomegranate.


The Rolnik range consists of high-quality vegetable products. This makes Rolniks one of the biggest suppliers of ready-to-eat meals, pâtés and canned fruit.

Olza Prince Polo

Prince Polo are great chocolate wafers. These wafers are sold throughout Europe. Engel Foreign Food is the distributor of the product in the Netherlands.