KA Fruit

Delicious carbonated soft drinks, with refreshing flavors of pineapple & fruit punch!


Favero has delicious flour in its range, with two delicious flavors to make certain dishes even more delicious!


Lobo has two delicious products in its range. A tasty marinade mix for pork, and a tasty sauce mix for red chicken!

Mr. Cool

Mr. Cool has delicious tropical soft drinks in its range. The drinks are of high quality, and are available in as many as three flavours, namely: pineapple, grape and cola with mushroom!


Jeesy’s fried delicious prawn paste and a delicious Tamarind puree.

I Am Super Spicy

I Am Super Spicy sauces are ideal to add to your dishes, to give off an extra delicious flavour! For example, on a delicious burger, a pasta or to combine with a delicious noodle.
The sauces are available in the following flavours: Roti Chutney, Pica Chili, Javanese Sambal & Madame Jeanette.


The tastiest Surinamese-Javanese spice mix is from the Maussi brand.

Maussi has three different types of spices in its range at Engel Foreign Food. Namely, these are the spice mix for Nasi, Noodles and soup!

Ideal and easy to use, and you taste the difference immediately!

I Am Superjuice

The I Am Superjuice drinks are available in a variety of flavors. The I Am Superjuice drinks are without added sugars, preservatives and artificial colors!

Mentos drinks

Be surprised by the sparkling sensation that tantalises your taste buds and gets your senses buzzing.

Enjoy the taste of your favourite Mentos in a tasty drink, and be extra surprised, by the delicious jelly bites!


Zainab Foods has been a household name in the food industry for over 35 years. An innovative company that still greatly cares about craft and authenticity. Our team specialises in the production of Surinamese, Indian, South American and Oriental snacks and meal components. Engel Foreign Food is its exclusive distributor.