Zainab Foods is specialized in the production of Surinamese, Indian, South American and Oriental snacks and meal components. The company stands for quality, authenticity, diversity, flexibility and innovation. As exclusive distributor, we offer Zainab’s bestselling Surinamese Roti Kit as well as mixes for pakora, bara and authentic, irresistible koekoe cake.

Industrias Tip-Top Leáñes

Founded on the sunny island of Curaçao in 1935 by Don Angel J. Leáñez, Industrias Tip-Top proudly presents a wide variety of extracts, essences, syrups and liqueurs. Engel Foreign Food imports a special selection of these perfect aromas and extracts for baking and cooking; delicious cordials for a whole host of beverages; and the family’s pride product: Ponche Caribe liqueur.

Swiet Moffo

Swiet Moffo: the ultimate Surinamese brand with its focus on authentic Surinamese flavours. What started as a hobby soon resulted in the first Surinamese manufacturer right here in the Netherlands. Swiet Moffo is specialized in the tastiest marinades, hot sauces, spice mixes, peanut sauces, and authentic delicacies with short lead times and dependable quality.

Ponche Caribe

Ponche Caribe is a wonderfully soft cream liqueur based on brandy and rum. This light brown liqueur comes from Curaçao and is further enriched with vanilla, cinnamon, and other spices. But that’s a secret family recipe which has resulted in a velvety drink with a sweet character. It is very accessible with its low alcohol percentage of 10%: drink it neat, in cocktails, over icecreams and more!


Sharing the Brunswick love all the way from Canada! Brunswick is part of North America’s largest branded seafood company featuring high-quality Sardines in different flavourful sauces for the perfect, healthy, shelf-stable protein option. In line with Engel Foreign Food’s own sustainability goals, Brunswick is a leader in implementing policies that promote sustainable management of the world’s seafood species.