Zainab Foods has been a household name in the food industry for over 35 years. An innovative company that still greatly cares about craft and authenticity. Our team specialises in the production of Surinamese, Indian, South American and Oriental snacks and meal components. Engel Foreign Food is its exclusive distributor.

Industrias Tip-Top Leáñes

Flavouring and food colouring. You can use Tip-Top flavouring in your home-made mousses or your home-baked cakes. It can also be used in dishes such as sultanas to give the dish some extra flavour.

Swiet Moffo

Swiet Moffo is a family business that has been winning the hearts of the Dutch market and food industry with its delicious, exotic products since 1984.

Sweet Moffo’s products are prepared with care and love, but quality and quantity are also of extreme importance to us. We are proud of our work and you can taste it! Our marinades and herb mixes are gluten-free, lactose-free, free of animal fats and also suitable for vegans. Engel Foreign Food is the exclusive distributor of these great products.

Ponche Caribe

Ponche Caribe is a deliciously soft cream liqueur based on brandy and rum. This light brown liqueur originates from Curaçao and is further enriched with vanilla, cinnamon and other spices. Besides the Ponche Caribe, Engel Foreign Food also offers a Ponche pistachio.


Gingerly is a ginger drink. An authentic product based on a Surinamese grandmother’s recipe. The Surinamese ‘gingabiri’ is usually made with flavourings and a good dose of ginger juice. Gingerly Original is a ginger drink without added colourings or flavourings but uses 20% pure ginger juice!


Brunswick has a rich history of 125 years. 125 years ago, the Connors brothers started fishing off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada. More than a century later, Brunswick products are a household name. Their sardines and tuna are sold worldwide.