Namli has delicious chicken pork sausages in its range, from small ones to the bigger ones!


Chtoura has a delicious falafel mix in its range. Perfect for making delicious falafel yourself!


Ankara features delicious spaghetti and rice. These products are quick and easy to prepare, and are full of flavor!


Oasis has delicious tropical drinks in its range, with two delicious flavors. The drinks are packaged in a can, so they are also ideal for taking with you.


Haribo now also has delicious halal sweets in its range!

The sweets have two delicious flavours, Peach & Watermelon.

The sweets are full of flavour, which you can really taste with every bite!


ETI has many surprising products in its range. From delicious crispy biscuits to delectable chocolates!

For example, ETI also has the ETI Wanted Caramel in its range, a delicious Turkish chocolate with a filling. You can compare this to a peanut butter bar, but even more delicious!

Will you try them all?


Uludag Gazoz is a Turkish manufacturer selling carbonated lemonade all over the world. The name Uludag comes form the mountain ‘Uludag’ in Western Turkey. The water in this carbonated lemonade is exclusively sourced from this mountain, which is what makes this brand so special.


Suntat provides a complete solution for a Turkish range. From grilled vegetables to olives. From soups to tea. Engel Foreign Food is the exclusive distributor.


Grau is one of the largest producers of seeds in Spain. Grau seeds with the recognisable clown logo are available throughout Europe. Engel Foreign Food is the exclusive distributor of this product.


Dari Couscous is the market leader in Morocco. The company was established in 1995 and is currently the largest exporter of couscous. Dari products are can be bought in more than 45 countries. Dari has great 500 g packages as part of its range, but also 5 kg food service packages.