Suntat is the new brand of the well-known BAKTAT, which means that the quality and taste of the products are at the same level. Suntat is a company that specializes in Mediterranean delicacies.


From their headquarters near Barcelona, and since 1979, Grau Nuts is specialized in the selection and import of nuts and has supplied specially selected nuts and snacks to partners worldwide. A wide range of top quality produce including also seeds and legumes are freshly roasted to order. We currently offer delicious sunflower seeds, roasted salted or chili spiced corn, and we will be adding new varieties such as roasted, salted broad beans soon!


Dari couscous is made from the best quality durum wheat semolina and is suitable for both cold and warm dishes . It can be perfectly complemented with fresh ingredients – both savoury and sweet.  Engel Foreign Food has specially selected the medium variety in 500g and 1kg and the robust pearled couscous in 500g box packs.

Cartier Saada

From the imperial heart of Morocco, for the past 70 years, Cartier Saada has operated as leader in the preserved fruit and vegetable sector. Engel Foreign Food imports their prime quality heritage products: various sizes of canned green and black olives as well as their delicious preserved lemons in 2 sizes for the authentic Mediterranean flavour in kitchens all over Europe.


Proudly partnering with Baktat, one of the market’s largest food specialists, we offer a large, and ever expanding range of unique and innovative Mediterranean products. Leveraging its high brand awareness, we have developed a focused product range concept that is closely tailored to ethnic channels as well as mainstream food retailers.


Alvita’s sensational products capture the culinary essence of Morocco. Discover the classic aromatic flavours and spices such as cumin, cayenne pepper and ginger in Alvita’s wide range of delicious sauces. Quickly and easily prepare a whole host of distinctive dishes steeped in hundreds of years of tradition without all the hard work.


Mezida includes a nice Mediterranean assortment, especially legumes and beans. We have these products in various packaging forms. Mediza is a well-known brand in retail and food service.