Uludag Gazoz is a Turkish manufacturer selling carbonated lemonade all over the world. The name Uludag comes form the mountain ‘Uludag’ in Western Turkey. The water in this carbonated lemonade is exclusively sourced from this mountain, which is what makes this brand so special.


  • Suntat provides a complete solution for a Turkish range. From grilled vegetables to olives. From soups to tea. Engel Foreign Food is the exclusive distributor.


Grau is one of the largest producers of seeds in Spain. Grau seeds with the recognisable clown logo are available throughout Europe. Engel Foreign Food is the exclusive distributor of this product.


Dari Couscous is the market leader in Morocco. The company was established in 1995 and is currently the largest exporter of couscous. Dari products are can be bought in more than 45 countries. Dari has great 500 g packages as part of its range, but also 5 kg food service packages.

Cartier Saada

Cartier has been around for more than 70 years. Its historic products, which are canned olives and canned apricots, have made it an industry leader. As it developed, the company expanded its range by adding crystallised lemons, and many other delicacies. Definitely worth recommending!


Baktat, a highly innovative company with a wide variety of products from the Mediterranean area. Its main priorities are quality and flavour.


Alvita invites you to feel Morocco and taste its culinary essence. Alvita offers you a wide range of products that allow you can to easily and quickly prepare dishes with hundreds of years of tradition. A fundamental part of Moroccan cuisine is spices: pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper and ginger. You can taste all of this in Alvita’s products.


Mezida contains a beautiful Mediterranean range of mainly pulses and beans. We have these products in various packaging formats. Mediza is a well-known brand in the retail and food service industries.