Cartier has been around for more than 70 years. Its historic products, which are canned olives and canned apricots, have made it an industry leader. As it developed, the company expanded its range by adding crystallised lemons, and many other delicacies. Definitely worth recommending!


Baktat, a highly innovative company with a lot of diversity in Mediterranean products. Quality and taste are always number one.

Baktat offers a wide range, with stuffed peppers, canned peppers and tomatoes & delicious sesame paste.


Alvita invites you to feel Morocco and taste its culinary essence. Alvita offers you a wide range of products that allow you can to easily and quickly prepare dishes with hundreds of years of tradition. A fundamental part of Moroccan cuisine is spices: pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper and ginger. You can taste all of this in Alvita’s products.


Mezida contains a beautiful Mediterranean range of mainly pulses and beans. We have these products in various packaging formats. Mediza is a well-known brand in the retail and food service industries.