Engel Foreign Food B.V. is the largest importer and supplier of ethnic foods in the Netherlands. With specially selected products from various countries throughout the world, we strive to bring the best products to the widest possible audience for their enjoyment. We do that in collaboration with retailers, supermarkets, mini markets, gas stations and ethnic stores.

Our view on cooperation with our suppliers, partners and customers is one based upon inclusive, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships. Engel Foreign Food, emphasis on “long term”, in other words building long-lasting, sustainable relationships and ensuring mutual long lasting success. We would like to help you that: with a unique top range and extensive support from sourcing to the shop floor.

Own factory

We have a modern factory, Ou-Dean Foods Factory (ISO 9002, 9001:2000 and BRC certified) located in Taiwan, here we produce and export the most delicious tropical drinks.

Engel Foreign Food produces five production lines: Aloe Vera drinks, coconut drinks (dye-free), ice teas/coffees, milk/yogurt and fruit juices, both A-brands and many private labels.

This activity falls under Tropical World Food. This subsidiary develops, produces and exports a wide range of tropical drinks worldwide. We control the entire production chain and run large volumes. For example, we make tens of millions of liters of Aloe Vera drinks per year.

Logistics & distribution

We facilitate more than 2000 container shipments per year directly to our partners worldwide and supply the local market from our own warehouse. From a measured package at a retail address to bulk delivery to a distribution center: Engel Foreign Food delivers where, when and as you want. We manage the entire process of purchasing, storing and delivering goods in-house. Our head office in Uithoorn takes your order and we distribute international transport from the adjacent warehouse (10,000 m2) to trusted partners.

Our logistics spearheads:

  • Fast
    Our trucks drive weekly throughout the Netherlands. Orders can therefore be placed efficiently. Your shelf is always full again quickly.
  • Customized delivery
    If you have several stores, we can already sort the orders per branch. You can indicate yourself whether you want it delivered directly or to your distribution center.
  • Flexible
    Also, products from abroad often come with several pieces in a package. At a low turnover rate – this can vary per branch and season – we can adjust this number to your demand.
  • EDI and GS1 DAS certified
    Our modern warehouse is focused on transparency and reliability. We are fully EDI certified. All your documents, from order to invoices, are digitally registered fully automatically, the delivery note indicates exactly what is on your pallet. In addition, all our articles are registered in GS1 DAS. You have complete and reliable insight into the logistics and intrinsic product properties. Do you have special wishes in the field of distribution

For more information or a non-binding introductory meeting, call 0297 – 533 833.

Private Label

We produce for every wish; Sweet or fresh? With or without pulp? With or without carbonation? Tastes differ. In our laboratory in Taiwan, we develop drinks and packaging for successful private labels in every market. This also offers unique opportunities in Dutch supermarkets.


We strive for a waste-free world

We have set ambitious and interrelated targets to reduce our waste footprint. This includes targets for plastic and packaging, food waste and other waste from our factories and operations.

We can only realize our strategy if we tackle waste while finding innovative ways to reduce waste, reuse materials and repeatedly recycle in a circular system. Engel Foreign Food imports large volumes. This is not our only asset. Our competitive purchasing is based on sustainable relationships with our partners and suppliers. Suppliers who also produce responsibly. Genuine quality products from abroad are scarce here. But because we buy it with containers at the same time, you can still offer original products at competitive prices.

Our activities require close teamwork. We are therefore proud of our reliable, permanent employees. They are of all ages and all nationalities. Most drivers have also been with us for ten years or more. You always see a familiar face.

We try to fill in every business aspect in an environmentally friendly way. Our warehouse is equipped with LED lighting, energy-efficient machines and daylight domes. Naturally, we plan our journeys as efficiently as possible, and our drivers have followed the New Driving training course.

Sustainable Development Goals

We contributed to the development of the SDGs because we understood their strategic importance for our company and the world. We are committed to achieving these goals.

Our long-term partners

Our relations/partners


We hold various certificates ('marks') and meet well-defined quality standards. Our employees are also properly trained to perform their duties.